Crown 7 Hydro Smokeless Cigarettes Review

October 7, 2010 | Filed Under Crown 7 Smokeless Cigarettes | No Comments

Crown 7 is one of the popular brands out there in US for smokeless cigarettes. These people are very good at marketing products in fact, they became popular with the marketing itself! You can find crown 7 smokeless cigarettes on every possible major media outlets.

I bought crown 7 smokeless cigarettes hydro starter kit for $79.95 couple of days back. The kit includes Crown 7 Cigarette (pen style), 2 lithium battery, 2 cartridges, Battery charger and instruction manual of course.

The design of these crown 7 smokeless cigarettes is very good. It comes in black finish with slightly gold color coating on the edges. As far as I know, these crown 7 pen style cigarettes are available mostly on black color only so get them only if you are black fan!

In crown 7 smokeless cigarettes; you have the choice to choose nicotine strength from high, medium, low to zero nicotine. The company also offers wide range of flavors to choose from which include strawberry, vanilla, menthol, greeny tea, tobacco, orange, grape, creamy, etc. The company states each cartridge can serve you as much as twenty cigarettes does but it hardly gives you 12-14 cigarettes in real world.

Crown 7 smokeless cigarette comes with 2 hole atomizer and it works good enough. As far as battery goes, you get two batteries with crown 7 smokeless cigarettes which gives decent backup. Crown 7 battery is taking much more time to charge up compared to Njoy Smokeless Cigarettes. Other than that, I’ve no problem with battery.

These crown 7 smokeless cigarettes got very quality finish and they feel good in hands. You can get the 5-pack cartridges for $10 which is reasonable. I’ve no problem with these crown 7 smokeless cigarettes apart from battery problem. Overall, these are good choice but I enjoyed Njoy smokeless cigarettes more to this pack.

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